About Us

From a small business started in 1980, the Burkart brothers built a successful millworking company. With their 60+ years of combined experience in the carpentry and woodworking business, Dave and Marvin Burkart developed a wealth of knowledge regarding their trade. Over their 35+ years in business, carpenters, contractors, and many others have sought guidance from the Burkart brothers. We hope that you will, too.

Come visit us! We are open Monday – Friday 7:00am – 3:30pm

We are happy to help our customers get the answers they need. Here are some examples of commonly asked questions:

Does Burkart’s offer delivery?
No, but we can contact someone that can deliver for you.  You will need to have someone on site to receive and offload the product.  We will bill you for this service once we receive the delivery fees.

What if the line of stock available at Burkart’s does not match the type of trim that I need?
We have an inventory of thousands of profile knives created over the past 35+ years.  If we don’t currently have one to match your trim, we can have one ground for you!

Does Burkart’s make doors or windows?
Door jobs are considered on a case by case basis.  We do not make windows, but may be able to refer you to someone.

Does Burkart’s sell flooring?
We can mill custom flooring to fill both full jobs and patchwork projects.  However, we do not stock any flooring on the rack.

Does Burkart’s install wood trim?
No. We are manufacturers of quality millwork.  We are not carpenters or contractors of job construction projects.  We do not go to job site locations.

Does Burkart’s sell decking materials?
We can supply lumber materials for a deck construction.

How can I get a quote?
Please bring in, fax, or email one of the following: 1) a detailed drawing with exact dimensions and measurements of the type of trim you would like to have, or 2) an exact sample of the type of trim you would like to replicate.
NOTE: Check our stock items to see if they will suit your needs first.

Do you only sell in large quantities or will you sell to individuals doing small projects?
We have all kinds of customers! We pride ourselves on our ability to handle large, medium, or even single orders.

Why should I go to Burkart’s instead of one of the big box stores?
Styles of trim are limited at such places and often times, the materials used to make trim are of low quality. At Burkart’s, you can find exactly what you’re looking for: types of wood, styles of moulding, and our finished product will be smoother and ready for installation. Why go through the trouble of buying at a big box just to bring it back and sand it for days and days?

Does Burkart’s produce ornamental woodwork?
We do produce certain ornamentation although we do not keep them in stock. For more information, see question #7 regarding the quote process.


Phone 314-771-7727 or Email sales@burkartswoodworks.com